Money (2003) by Isaac Isitan -- Turkey, Argentina financial crisis.

Money is a fascinating documentary about the impact (disastrous) of IMF structural adjustment programmes on Argentina and Turkey, resulting in huge capital flow out of the country  and a collapsing of the national currency.  

"If people really knew the process through which money is created, the system would not hold more than 24 hours." - Henry Ford. Two years ago, Turkish-born Canadian director Isaac Isitan watched from the comfort of his living room as thousands of people in Turkey and Argentina took to the streets, attacking the banks when their life savings evaporated overnight. Middle-class people who once lined up at the bank were now lining up at food banks. How could these relatively wealthy countries possibly go bankrupt in less than a decade? With this question in mind, Isitan takes us to Turkey, Argentina and the US in a moving portrait of citizens who have lost everything. Interwoven with these stories, a lucid essay dissects the macro-economic policies, demanded by the World Bank and the IMF, that have plunged entire nations into economic crisis. Faced with a lack of money, the people have begun to reinvent it, initiating credit and barter systems, and inventing local parallel economies. An essential and incisive look into the hidden side of money.

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Money (2003)
Director: Isaac Isitan

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