The U.S.-China Power Balance

The United States has been the most influential state on the planet for decades, but China's meteoric rise is altering the global balance of power. Lopsided trade and financial flows have complicated the entanglements between the two nations. Can the awkward partnership between the U.S. and China evolve into a better working relationship that can address geopolitical and financial crises? Will the competition for natural resources flare up in the coming decades? How will the long-simmering currency dispute play out? Can other nations enjoy the benefits of Chinese growth without sacrificing long-standing American security assurances? What new international alliances might be built in response? This panel will examine the economic, military and political implications of having two major superpowers on the world stage.
  James Chanos, President and Founder, Kynikos Associates Nina Hachigian, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Charles Y.S. Liu, Chairman and Founder, Hao Capital; Senior Fellow, Peking University Center on China and Global Affairs
Minxin Pei, Professor of Government and Director, Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies, Claremont McKenna College Moderator:
Zachary Karabell, Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; President, River Twice Research

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